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A reference guide for automatic lubrication.

Extensive background information about lubrication technology and a user-friendly layout make the perma LUBE BOOK a valuable reference guide for automatic lubrication.

perma LUBE BOOK is the result of our growing product range of perma lubrication systems including suitable accessories. In addition to new products we consequently enhanced our service-idea. This reference guide sets standards for the maintenance of equipment and is based on our…

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perma lubrication systems for Recycling Plants

For the process of making new products, secondary raw material, or energy from waste, recycling plant operators rely on trouble free operation and maximum equipment availability. Apart from crushers, shredders and pneumatic separators, the most critical equipment are the large and complex conveyor systems. Any unexpected conveyor downtime, caused by a damaged bearing or motor, immediately affects all subsequent processes. perma lubrication systems are ideal preventive maintenance tools to reduce…

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perma Lubrication Systems in Refineries

The key role in this industry is a functioning technology. Hundreds of different raw oil mixtures from all over the world are processed into energy efficient, high grade fuels, heating oil and raw material for the chemical industry. For both man and machine, these high-tech processing methods present extreme challenges like explosion hazards and the compliance to legal requirements for environmental protection and emission.

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perma Lubrication Systems in asphalt mixing plants

Processing mineral rocks, mineral dust, binders (bitumen) and additives into asphalt mixture is a complex procedure. In addition to many safety aspects, staff and equipment are faced with tough challenges, such as varying temperatures, extreme dust and dirt, and hard-to-reach lubrication points. Continuous lubrication of machine elements is an important factor to prevent equipment breakdown and to increase economic efficiency. 

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