perma Survey – Better solutions to your company’s specific lubrication needs

perma Survey – Better solutions to your company’s specific lubrication needs

Euerdorf. Without the right lubrication, many parts of our highly engineered world would come to a complete stop. perma understands the specific challenges that our customers and industries worldwide face.

We offer a variety of lubrication solutions and “surveys” as part of our unique customer service.
The well-equipped and qualified perma Services team supports plant operators with individual project planning, installation, maintenance and servicing.

What a perma survey provides and offers the client:

An initial survey comprises the recording of all lubrication points including the required lubricants and relubrication amounts. Special requirements often call for special solutions. This is why the survey is performed on-site together with the customer in order to record individual circumstances and specifications. Our goal is to ensure better equipment availability, efficiency and workplace safety.

The recorded information forms the basis for a detailed offer tailored to the customer’s needs. The customer always receives a complete materials list which contains the suitable lubrication systems, including all necessary accessories. Once the customer places an order, the costs for this service will be credited in full. Our perma Services team also provides on-site support for the installation and implementation of the lubrication solutions.

Recorded lubrication points can be transferred to the perma MLP web application or MLP App for digital management.

perma MLP web application / perma MLP APP: Lubrication management made easy

The free perma MLP web application and the perma MLP APP provide a current overview of all your lubrication points and their requirements and offer convenient coordination of upcoming maintenance tasks. The perma MLP APP enables the recording of all maintenance and exchange work on site. Afterwards, this data can be synchronised with the perma MLP web application. In addition, perma MLP helps with administrative tasks, e.g. with a reminder function for upcoming maintenance work or the creation of order suggestions.

App and web application are available free of charge*. The perma MLP web application can be accessed with any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) with internet connection. The perma MLP APP is available for Android und iOS.

perma lubrication: Where expertise and technical knowledge is combined with practical hands-on experience

With a perma survey, plant operators always receive comprehensive advice on all questions pertaining to lubrication, the reduction of maintenance efforts and increased productivity. In addition, perma offers maintenance contracts or lubrication audits and provides free online or classroom trainings on automatic lubrication.

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