perma FLEX PLUS with “Boost-function” was developed as an option to perma FLEX. When the boost function is activated, the system immediately discharges lubricant to the lubrication point. perma FLEX PLUS is also available in size 30 cm³ which makes it ideal for applications that need only small amounts of lubricant.

Immediately ready to use lubrication system

perma FLEX PLUS has been designed as a complete unit which requires no assembly. The lubrication system is immediately ready to use without the need for special tools. After the desired discharge period has been selected with the rotary switch, perma FLEX PLUS can be immediately installed at the lubrication point. The selected discharge period (in monthly steps from 1 to 12 months) can be changed at any time. perma FLEX PLUS can be completely turned off for longer machine downtimes or similar cases. This flexibility makes perma FLEX PLUS ideal for different lubrication point requirements.

The compact size makes this innovative lubrication system ideal for hard to reach places. Every lubrication point within a temperature range of -20 °C to +55 °C will be reliably lubricated. The wide range of available greases and oils meets individual customer requirements.

perma FLEX PLUS makes preventive maintenance easier. Lubrication system exchanges for instance are possible during regular operations. Downtimes are prevented which increases the economic efficiency of the company. Workplace safety will also increase tremendously with the use of these automatic lubrication systems as extended maintenance intervals minimize the need to enter dangerous areas.

perma FLEX PLUS – extremely versatile

perma FLEX PLUS can be used for all applications that require reliable and optimal lubrication e.g. rolling- and sliding bearings, chains, spindles, open gears, gear racks, shaft seals and more. The lubrication system can be installed in different positions – even upside down. The transparent housing enables users to check the filling level at any time and also protects the system against water and dirt (IP68). perma FLEX PLUS can therefore be used in moist and dusty environments.

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