Why is it not possible to refill perma lubrication systems?

perma lubrication systems assure effective and long-term cost-efficient lubrication for all types of equipment. Both, electrochemical and electromechanical perma lubrication systems cannot be refilled. With good reason!

Does the effort pay off?

Users often refill lubrication systems because they want to reduce costs (by reusing old parts and purchasing large lubricant containers). But does refilling really pay off? There are many aspects to be taken into consideration, in addition to the significant amount of work involved:Ist das Personal entsprechend eingewiesen, Schmierstoffspender ohne Verschmutzungsgefahr, Schmierstoffvermischungen und Lufteinschlüsse zu füllen?

  • Have workers been instructed on the correct filling of lubrication systems (risk of contamination, lubricant mixing and air pockets in the lubricant)?  
  • Will the reused components withstand the repeated exposure to high pressures or temperatures?
  • Can it be guaranteed that there will be no mixing of different lubricants? This might lead to undesired chemical reactions that could potentially compromise the lubricant performance.
  • When working with open lubricant containers, it is essential to eliminate potential hazards for staff and ensure the availability of appropriate protective equipment.

Decide on safe and simple handling with warranty

The warranty right expires with an allegedly cheaper refill. Lubrication system malfunctions, resulting from improper assembly, can lead to equipment breakdowns. The costs for such equipment downtimes are in no relation to the purchase of a new, fail-safe perma lubrication system.

Your decision for perma lubrication systems ensures the continuous supply of the required amount of fresh and clean lubricant at any stage. Operation and installation of the compact lubrication systems is easy and safe, which contributes to a reduction of work- and time-consuming maintenance efforts.  

In addition, perma lubrication systems eliminate direct contact with hazardous lubricants. The precise lubricant discharge prevents contamination caused by over-lubrication, which protects the environments and reduces the risk of slipping accidents.

You can choose between complete systems or lubrication systems with exchangeable LCs (Lubricant Cartridges). The drive or control units of these systems can be reused (e.g. perma STAR products or perma NOVA).

Rely on perma’s extensive expertise and knowhow for long-lasting, reliable, clean and precise lubrication around the clock.

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