perma lubrication systems for pumps

Pumps are used in many industries, like mining & heavy industry, chemical / pharmaceutical industry, power plants, food industry or sewage treatment plants. A failing pump can often interrupt the entire work or production process. Reliable lubrication helps to prevent such breakdowns and is a decisive factor of smooth operation. .

Challenges in the production process

Pumps are often operated under extreme conditions, such as mud or dirt or hazardous materials, like bases or weak acids. Some of these lubrication points can only be accessed with protective measures (safety gloves and mask). This is also the reason why they are often neglected or the required lubrication intervals are not observed. The result is lubrication starvation which leads to equipment failure or pump leakages.

Increased process reliability with perma lubrication systems

perma lubrication systems hermetically seal lubrication points against dirt or water ingress and the lubricant helps prevent premature wear. The lubricant dosage can be adjusted to the requirement of the lubrication point. Packing glands, labyrinth seals, electric motors or axle bearings are lubricated absolutely reliable and are well protected against environmental influences.

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