Automatic lubrication of linear guides

Linear guides are machine elements that enable the movement of machines or components in linear direction. They are available as recirculating ball / roller guides or as sliding guides and are suitable for various production processes.

Precise lubrication, tailored to the respective use, ensures flexible and reliable function of linear guides in a variety of applications.

The requirements are completely different, depending on the application. In cleanroom production, for example, the focus is on wear prevention, precision and good adhesion. In machine tools, on the other hand, the ingress of fine dirt particles, aggressive coolant media or cutting fluids causes premature lubricant aging and degradation. Therefore, the used lubricants need to have good adhesion, sealing and at the same time media-resistance properties. perma PRO LINE / perma PRO C LINE have been especially developed for linear guides, which present a special challenge in view of efficient and preventive maintenance

perma PRO LINE / perma PRO C LINE – precise lubrication systems

These flexible multi-point lubrication systems can build up pressure to 25 bar, can be adapted precisely to manufacturer’s specifications and supply up to 6 lubrication points with lubricant. In linear guides, the lubrication points are usually located on the runner block or on the drive and need to be lubricated during operation. Different lubrication points require different lubricant amounts. Drives (spindle or rack) often need more lubrication than runner blocks. perma PRO LINE / perma PRO C LINE meet these requirements. Different lubricant amounts and lubrication intervals can be programmed individually for each lubrication point.

Two versions are available: The battery-operated, self-sufficient perma PRO LINE, and perma PRO C LINE with external power supply. Both systems consist of the MP-6 distributer, a drive unit and the perma PRO LC (lubricant cartridge filled with either 250 or 500 ccm of lubricant). Programming is quick and easy via the push button and the display: Lubricant amounts and pause times between lubricant discharges can be individually programmed for each lubrication point and outlet. Two LEDs indicate the operational status and the display shows which outlets are activated and how much time is remaining until the lubrication cartridge is empty and needs to be exchanged.

Perfectly fitting lubrication solutions for linear guides

Simple, flexible and individual settings ensure the supply with the correct lubricant amount at the right time. Both lubrication starvation as well as damage of plastics parts through over-lubrication are prevented, which increases equipment availability. Remote mounting with grease lines from the distributor to the lubrication points enable installation of the systems at safe and easy-to-access places, outside dangerous areas. This reduces the time workers need to spend in hazardous areas by increasing workplace safety at the same time.

Due to the precise and reliable discharge, perma PRO LINE and perma PRO C LINE are used in all types of industries – from the automotive industry to the pulp and paper industry. The systems are not only suitable for linear guide applications, but also for the lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, open gears, spindles, and many more.

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