Roller & sliding bearings

Roller and sliding bearings are used in all areas of industry. 

Only regular and efficient lubrication ensures that these components function correctly. Bearing damage, resulting from insufficient lubrication or contamination in the bearing, can result in consequential damage.


Service life and reliability of seals, roller and sliding bearings mainly depend on ambient conditions. Extreme operating conditions and the and contaminants in the bearing system lead to increased wear and to a shorter service life.

These factors have an impact on the service life and must be taken into account when calculating lubricant quantities. The greater the load or the influence of ambient conditions, the more lubricant is required to guarantee optimal lubrication.

Ambient and influencing factors can be divided into three groups:

Dust and liquids in the bearing
Dust and liquids in the bearing
Oscillations and vibrations
Oscillations and vibrations
High bearing temperatures
High bearing temperatures

Lubrication points

In roller bearings, loads and movements are transferred by means of rollers, arranged between an outer and inner race. If these metallic components make direct contact with one another, the contact causes undesirable friction, wear and damage, which may lead to bearing failure.

In sliding bearings, the moving parts are in direct, sliding, linear contact. They can accept greater forces than roller bearings, but are more heavily impacted by wear due to the greater friction.


Mount a perma lubrication system at the lubrication point. Depending on the conditions prevailing at the lubrication point, the perma lubrication system can either be mounted directly or remotely.

  • Continuous, low-maintenance, long-term lubrication ensures uninterrupted production processes
  • Maintenance runs can be reduced and planned long-term
  • Reusable components minimise energy and material costs
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