Easier identification of perma standard lubricants

Easier identification of perma standard lubricants

perma is redefining the names of standard lubricants. The goal is to simplify the selection of the most suitable lubricant for any application.

The new structure of perma lubricant names will be as follows: e.g. perma MULTI LC 150-2 (SF01)


Main field of application

MULTIMultipurpose lubricants
SPEEDHigh speed lubricants
LOADHigh load lubricants
FOODFood grade lubricants
TEMPHigh temperature lubricants
LOWTEMPLow temperature lubricants
BIOBio-degradable lubricants

Thickener (only applicable for greases)

AXAluminum complex thickener
LCLithium calcium thickener
LXLithium complex thickener
PUPolyurea thickener
CXCalcium complex thickener
PPTFE solid grease
MMoS2 solid grease

Base oil

SYNSynthetic base oil


Basic viscosity  

150Viscosity 150 mm²/s
220Viscosity 220 mm²/s
500Viscosity 500 mm²/s

NLGI grade (only applicable for greases)

0NLGI grade 0
1NLGI grade 1
2NLGI grade 2

Lubricant code

(SFXX)Lubricating greases
(SOXX)Lubricating oils

The new lubricant name allows for a straightforward correlation of the main field of application and composition of the lubricant.

By adding the perma lubricant code (SFXX, SOXX) to the new names, the previous perma standard lubricants can be clearly identified. 

This ensures the consistency of the product, confirming it as the same perma standard lubricant with the well-known composition and performance. 


perma standard lubricants / previous and new names

perma greases 
Previous nameNew name
perma Multipurpose grease SF01perma MULTI LC 150-2 (SF01)
perma Extreme pressure grease SF02perma LOAD L-M 100-2 (SF02)
perma High temp. grease SF03perma TEMP PU-P SYN 420-2 (SF03)
perma High performance grease SF04perma LOAD PU SYN 500-1 (SF04)
perma High temp. / Extreme pressure grease SF05perma LOAD PU-M SYN 500-1 (SF05)
perma Liquid grease SF06perma MULTI AX 220-0 (SF06)
perma High speed grease SF08perma SPEED CX SYN 100-2 (SF08)
perma Multipurpose bio grease SF09perma BIO PU SYN 120-2 (SF09)
perma Food grade grease H1 SF10perma FOOD AX SYN 150-1 (SF10)
perma oils 
Previous nameNew name
perma High performance oil SO14perma TEMP SYN 320 (SO14)
perma Multipurpose oil SO32perma MULTI 100 (SO32)
perma Bio oil, low viscosity SO64perma BIO SYN 100 (SO64)
perma Bio oil, high viscosity SO69perma BIO SYN 320 (SO69)
perma Food grade oil H1 SO70perma FOOD SYN 220 (SO70)
(new)perma FOOD LOWTEMP SYN 32 (SO78)

The transition is scheduled to commence on January 1, 2024. Temporarily, deliveries of products manufactured prior to this date with the previous labeling may continue even after January 1, 2024.

The technical- and safety data sheets will be updated accordingly and will be available for download on the perma website under “Accessories & Lubricants”, starting from January 1, 2024

You will soon receive further information regarding the introduction of our new designations for perma standard lubricants. This information will include a link to a video explaining the upcoming changes in detail. We aim to ensure that you are well-informed and prepared for the transition. If you have any questions right now, please do not hesitate to reach out to your designated perma contact.

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