perma lubrication systems for wind turbines

perma lubrication systems for wind turbines

As a result of the expansion of renewable energy and the associated construction of numerous new on- and offshore wind power projects, the installed wind power capacity worldwide is growing apace. However, this rapid development means that the challenges are increasing. How can the mechanical operation of wind turbines be improved and extended? Regular maintenance and therefore permanent lubrication are an extremely important factor in the production of wind power.

High-performance lubrication for powerful turbines

Wind turbines are powerful machines with a long service life. Due to the materials used and the conditions in which they operate, wind turbines require lubrication with special greases and oils. Specific products are needed for each individual moving part of a wind turbine.

perma provides low-maintenance solutions using special environmentally sound lubricants specifically for wind turbines. These lubrication systems are self-sufficient and work reliably during normal operation. perma FUTURA PLUS was developed as a complete unit and is therefore ready for immediate use. perma STAR lubrication systems are also suitable and provide feedback to upstream controls, depending on the requirements. These lubrication systems are designed to ensure that no battery waste is produced during use and/or that components can be recycled.

perma lubrication for wind turbines – advantages that pay off

Components such as blade bearings, blade gear teeth, main and yaw bearings, yaw gear teeth and roller bearings on the generator are reliably and continually lubricated using perma lubrication systems. The advantages for you are obvious: permanent lubrication reduces wear and tear, thereby extending the service life of the wind turbine. At the same time, servicing is kept to a minimum because maintenance intervals can be predicted. This also actively improves workplace safety.

The perma DRAIN CUP also makes an active contribution to environmental protection and workplace safety. It catches excess grease to prevent this from running into the rotor blades and contaminating the wind turbine. You benefit from a safe, unsoiled working environment, with no slipping hazards or cleaning requirements.


Optimise the service life and therefore the efficiency of your wind turbines using perma lubrication systems!

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