Effective maintenance thanks to extensive service

Effective maintenance thanks to extensive service

Everyone in charge for maintenance in production facilities choosing to install perma lubrication systems automatically benefits from many advantages – economically, technically and in terms of workplace safety. The consistent, metered and continuous supply of fresh lubricant to lubrication points extends the service life of your machinery and applications and is an important prerequisite for process safety.

perma lubrication systems can be found in almost all industries worldwide under various ambient conditions - for instance, in quarries with adverse weather conditions, or in the food industry where the highest hygiene requirements apply. Even hard-to-reach lubrication points can be reliably supplied with the help of grease lines. perma offers suitable lubrication systems and lubricants as well as a wide range of accessories for every application.

Our service portfolio – a valuable asset for perma lubrication

All perma products are complemented by a comprehensive service portfolio. Our team of experts will be happy to answer all your questions concerning perma lubrication systems, lubricants and applications. The perma Service Team is also available on request to provide on-site assistance to you personally. This may include tasks such as identifying and installing the proper lubrication solution to ensure a smooth process.

The perma ACADEMY continues to provide you with valuable information all about perma lubrication. perma experts will share their knowledge, get you up to speed on the latest technological developments and explain everything there is to know about optimal lubrication. German or English face-to-face trainings with various workshops are conducted at the headquarters in Euerdorf. Additionally, the perma eACADEMY offers numerous training sessions that can be conveniently completed online - even from home.

To make our lubrication systems even easier to operate, user-friendly apps like the perma SELECT APP were developed for our customers on site. This app enables you to calculate the necessary lubricant amount and settings for the perma lubrication system, taking into account all operating conditions.

perma CONNECT + perma Bluetooth Lubrication Systems: Comfortably manage your lubrication points yourself

Maintenance work is greatly facilitated thanks to perma CONNECT. This application enables the effortless and intuitive configuration, monitoring, and control of all perma Bluetooth lubrication systems – all conveniently with your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. perma CONNECT offers both an app for clear lubrication point management and a web application for convenient access of all relevant details of your lubrication points at your workplace.

With perma CONNECT, perma Bluetooth lubrication systems in hard-to reach or dangerous areas can be easily and reliably monitored and controlled from a distance. Safe access to lubrication systems during running operation increases workplace safety in your company. Adjustments of discharge periods or triggering additional discharges (PURGE) to clear blocked grease lines are also possible at any time. The app reports error messages, such as overpressure or an empty LC. Once your mobile device is in range of the Bluetooth lubrication systems, all data is automatically updated – up to a distance of 30 m. You will be notified about required exchange material via e-mail, which helps reduce and schedule maintenance runs. 


Benefit from the service options available for perma lubrication systems and enhance the effectiveness of your maintenance tasks.

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