For a better future: perma lubrication systems for recycling plants

Recycling continues to gain importance due to constant dependence on raw materials, both in industry and by the end consumer, and the ever-increasing awareness of environmental protection and re-use.

Small and large recycling plants are essential for the raw material cycle, making a significant contribution to the availability of raw materials and ensuring that they are returned to the cycle. For the purpose of maintaining this cycle, the equipment in recycling plants usually is operated day and night. The machines separate, sort and shred a wide variety of materials, filtering out the valuable raw materials and making them recyclable for industry.

In order to emphasise the importance of these challenges, perma / we have launched a 3-month campaign especially for the recycling industry. During these three months, we will show how perma lubrication systems actively support processes in the recycling industry to safeguard the raw material cycle.

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  • Preventing downtime and increasing the efficiency of machinery and equipment in recycling plants
  • Simplified maintenance work and increased workplace safety
  • Automation and digitalisation in recycling plants

Discover the advantages of perma lubrication systems in recycling plants!

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