perma ULTRA – innovation based on experience

Euerdorf. perma’s leadership in the single-point lubrication market is based on customer-oriented solutions and continous product innovations and enhancements. With the development of perma ULTRA, perma is setting new standards for automatic lubrication.

Three different cartridge sizes for lubricant volumes of 500, 750, or 1000 cm³ and automatic LC detection via an integrated chip make perma ULTRA ideal for applications which demand high lubrication rates. Due to its continuous pressure build-up to 50 bar, the single-point lubrication system is particularly suited for use wherever long remote grease lines (up to 20 m) are required for safe access to lubrication points indoors and outdoors, such as drag conveyors, shaker screens, rotary kilns and belt conveyors.

Bluetooth functionality for remote control

perma ULTRA is equipped with Bluetooth functionality as standard for remote configuration, control and maintenance. The perma CONNECT APP was specially developed for easy and reliable monitoring of perma ULTRA in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas, e.g. with a smartphone, which actively contributes to increased workplace safety. The App is available free of charge on Google Play and App Store.

Independent of temperature and counter pressure

perma ULTRA is a fully automatic lubrication system, independent of temperature and counter pressure with a very precise discharge. With options of weekly and monthly time settings, perma ULTRA is an extremely versatile and capable lubrication system that allows for extended and planned maintenance intervals. Discharge periods are set via the push button and LCD display of the drive unit, or via the perma CONNECT APP. Green or red LEDs indicate the operating status, clearly visible even from a distance. The durable and robust drive unit is reusable, which helps to reduce costs significantly.

perma ULTRA – single-point lubrication system with extras for a variety of applications

perma ULTRA has a „PURGE function“, which triggers an additional lubricant discharge to the lubrication point. This function can also be activated remotely via the perma CONNECT APP. For applications that require remote mounting, perma offers a wide range of ACCESSORY KITs and INSTALLATION KITs. An optional protection cap for perma ULTRA itself makes the lubrication system suitable for almost all applications.

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