perma CONNECT – the convenient solution for remote lubrication point management

Configure and maintain all perma Bluetooth lubrication systems via your mobile devices – simple and intuitive. perma CONNECT is available as app and web version. The app ensures clear management of all lubrication points. In connection with the web application, all details about your lubrication points are conveniently also available at your workplace.

With perma CONNECT, perma Bluetooth lubrication systems in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas can easily and reliably be monitored from a distance. Safe access to lubrication systems during running operation increases workplace safety in your company. Changes of discharge periods or triggering additional discharges

(PURGE) to clear blocked grease lines are also possible at any time. The app reports error messages, such as overpressure or an empty LC. Once your mobile device is in range of the Bluetooth lubrication systems, all data is automatically updated – up to a distance of 30 m. You will be notified about required exchange material via e-mail, which helps reduce and schedule maintenance runs. 

In addition, non-bluetooth perma lubrication systems can be integrated into perma CONNECT by simply scanning existing QR-codes on these products or by creating the systems (without QR-code) manually. Scanning a QR-code will automatically complete the corresponding details (lubrication system used, size, lubricant). For any manually created systems, the set-up assistant will guide you. Further data can be added at any time if required. 

Take advantage of the benefits of perma CONNECT. Download the app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play or open the web application, and visit the perma YouTube channel for further information.

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