Automatic lubrication solutions for mining and heavy industry

Maintenance and lubrication in the heavy industry pose numerous challenges to maintenance staff. Equipment must function reliably under the most difficult operating conditions, such as high temperatures, moisture, heavy contamination and harsh operating environments. Equipment components are permanently exposed to drastic stress. The failure of one component will lead to machine breakdowns, causing high costs.

Especially for such situations, perma has developed lubrication solutions to ensure safe and reliable lubrication.   
perma lubrication systems hermetically seal lubrication points against dirt or water ingress. The permanent supply of lubrication points with the correct amount of the adequate lubricant extends bearing service life. Also, workplace safety is of great importance in the heavy industry. The use of perma lubrication systems, for example with grease lines, minimises the time spent in dangerous areas.

Individual lubrication solutions - step by step

In addition to numerous lubrication solutions, the special catalogue for Mining and Heavy Industry provides valuable hints and information, as well as a variety of application options. Step by step, the catalogue shows what optimum lubrication and individual lubrication solutions look like – starting with the analysis of applications, to the mounting type and the selection of the correct lubricant and lubrication system, completed by INSTALLATION KITs with sturdy accessories and installation components.

perma lubrication systems increase the reliability of production processes subjected to heavy loads and improve productivity. Work and maintenance become safer and easier.

The special catalogue for Mining and Heavy  can be ordered for free or downloaded from our homepage in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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