perma Lubrication Systems in Refineries

The key role in this industry is a functioning technology. Hundreds of different raw oil mixtures from all over the world are processed into energy efficient, high grade fuels, heating oil and raw material for the chemical industry. For both man and machine, these high-tech processing methods present extreme challenges like explosion hazards and the compliance to legal requirements for environmental protection and emission.

Pumps, blowers and fans are the most important applications in refineries. If one component fails it often interrupts a complete production process. One of the decisive factors for trouble-free production is reliable lubrication. perma Lubrication systems guarantee reliable and continuous lubrication for these important components.

High equipment availability with perma Lubrication

perma Lubrication Systems hermetically seal lubrication points against the ingress of dirt or water. The lubricant prevents premature wear of individual machine parts. The lubrication dosage is adjusted exactly to the respective application over a programmed time frame. This guarantees reliable lubrication for electric motors, fuel pumps and fans / blowers.

In dangerous applications, lubrication systems can be installed in safe areas with special mounting brakes on protective cages. Tubes supply the lubricant to the lubrication point. Once the tubes are installed, exchanges of perma lubrication systems are easy and safe, which tremendously increases work-place safety.

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