perma lubrication systems or central lubrication systems?

The lubrication of machines and equipment prevents friction and premature wear. For optimal lubrication it is important to lubricate electric motors, conveyor belts, pumps, blowers and fans at the right time and with the right lubricant in the right amount. Meeting these lubrication requirements also means extra maintenance time and higher costs.

However, there are tools – like perma automatic lubrication systems - which can simplify required maintenance tasks. But, why are perma lubrication systems a better alternative to central lubrication systems?

Complex, expensive layouts and purchase of central lubrication systems

An optimal layout of a central lubrication system requires the recording of all relevant lubrication points in order to consider them in the planning. The number of lubrication points must be clear before operation starts and the required lubricant amount for each lubrication point must be determined during the project planning phase. Central lubrication systems allow little flexibility. This also shows in the limitation for lubricants as only one single lubricant can be used for all lubrication points.

Another major challenge is often the extremely long feed lines to the lubrication points. Sometimes it takes several months or even years until lubricant reaches the lubrication point. By then, the lubricant has already aged. The high pump pressure, which is necessary to transport the lubricant to the lubrication points, causes lubricant bleeding and hardening in feed lines. When additional distributors are used, the lubricant can accumulate and block the whole lubrication system. In order to find a blockage, all feed lines and distributors must be checked and maybe replaced. This requires a lot of maintenance time and causes high costs.

perma lubrication systems - Stand-alone and individual lubricant supply for every lubrication point

perma lubrication systems are stand-alone systems which can be installed on any lubrication point with very little mounting- and maintenance effort. They individually supply lubricant to each lubrication point with the required amount based on the application and operating conditions. The discharge period can be defined individually.

perma lubrication systems convince with their flexibility. They reduce maintenance costs and are much lower in procurement costs than central lubrication systems. Lubrication points and lubrication systems can be managed with the free perma MLP Software.

Every 11 seconds, a perma lubrication system is installed or exchanged world-wide.

For more than 50 years, perma has been known for innovative and creative lubrication solutions. Companies all over the world are using automatic lubrication for the safe, effective and long term cost efficient lubrication of their equipment. With an extensive product range, perma offers an optimal technical and economical solution for every lubrication point!

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