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Manual relubrication is work- and time-consuming and impractical.

It leads to a rapid aging of the lubricant in the bearing or causes the lubricant level to fall excessively. Bearings are then subject to greater wear or fail completely.

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perma offers competent advice to ensure the most effective and cost-efficient technical lubrication solutions. They provide invaluable support to us and our clients throughout the process. Together, we identify automatic lubrication solutions that perfectly suit the applications and meet our customers’ needs. The continuous exchange with perma's dynamic team at all levels adds substantial value to our services and enhances customer satisfaction. As a highly innovative company, perma actively drives technological and digital advancements.
Jörn Riechmann
Chief Operating Officer, 
Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG
perma provides a wide range of automatic lubrication systems, empowering us to deliver the optimal lubrication solution to our customers. Being a perma Premium Partner, we enjoy privileged access to perma’s comprehensive technical advice and support for any in-depth technical enquiries. 

 Automatic lubrication = perma lubrication systems.
Michael Steinborn
Product Manager Bonding- and Lubricant Technology, 
Carl Werthenbach Konstruktionsteile GmbH & Co. KG

perma automatic lubrication systems

With automatic lubrication systems the lubricant is discharged into the lubrication point at the right time, in the required amount and optimal quality.

No mixing of lubricants occurs, because only the lubricant from the lubrication system is applied to the lubrication point.

Single-Point Lubrication Systems
Lubrication Systems

Single-Point Lubrication Systems

Multi-Point Lubrication Systems
Lubrication Systems

Multi-Point Lubrication Systems

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