perma FUTURA PLUS – ideal for use in wind turbines

perma FUTURA PLUS is a complete, ready to use system which includes an activation lid. The lubrication system is available with discharge periods of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The system is activated by simply turning the activation lid which holds the integrated gas generator.

Wind energy plant lubrication

These reliable lubrication systems are often used in wind turbines to lubricate components like blade bearings, blade gear teeth, main- and yaw bearings, yaw gear teeth and the roller bearings on generators. After activation, perma FUTURA PLUS reliably supplies lubrication points with lubricant for up to 12 months. This saves time, extends maintenance intervals, and relieves the service personnel.

Simple use – reliable lubrication

The operating principle is based on an electrochemical reaction. The piston inside the transparent housing shows the fill level. The lubrication systems are tamper-proof and easy to use. Exchanges can be carried out without any special tools. Single-point lubrication systems perma FUTURA PLUS are also used in many other industries on roller- and sliding bearings, spindles and open gears, gear racks, shaft seals, chains and many more. The plastic housing makes this lubrication system ideal for applications in hygienically clean environments. perma FUTURA PLUS is ex-proof certified.

perma Lubrication Systems and perma SERVICE

perma FUTURA PLUS ensures permanent and low cost lubrication. These lubrication systems reduce maintenance costs and increase workplace safety. Systems are available with many different lubricants. A large range of accessories makes it easy to reach every lubrication point. The perma SERVICE TEAM assists operators with project planning, system installation and maintenance.

Virtual impressions for the use of perma FUTURA PLUS in wind turbines can be found here.

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