perma Lubrication systems for food & beverage industry

In the food and beverage industry, manufacturing processes are precisely synchronised and are subject to strict hygiene regulations. Process reliability is a top priority. State-of-the-art automation requires optimal equipment and machine lubrication.

perma has a wide range of automated lubrication solutions with suitable lubricants for the food sector. For more information please see our flyer „perma Lubrication systems for food & beverage industry“, which you can download here on our webpage.

perma Lubrication systems facilitate maintenance work

Equipment and machines in the food and beverage industry are exposed to extreme operating conditions, such as temperature changes, contamination, moisture, or vibrations. These factors as well as the use of special detergents might impair the service life of equipment components, like bearings, chains, etc.
A breakdown of one component may shut down the whole system – food spoils, has to be disposed of, delivery dates cannot be met, high costs arise. Reliable lubrication with perma products is essential to avoid this.

perma Lubrication systems are the perfect lubrication solution, as they supply lubrication points on machines and equipment with the correct amount of fresh lubricant. This reduces wear and extends equipment service life. Very precise discharge prevents lubrication starvation, over-lubrication and contamination.

perma Lubrication systems hermetically seal lubrication points against contamination or water, and can be exchanged while the equipment is in operation. Remote mounting with tubes at safe and easy-to-access places drastically reduces the risk of accidents and increases workplace safety.

Special perma lubrication systems for the food and beverage industry

perma FLEX PLUS is an all-in-one system, which consists of a plastic housing. It is available in sizes 30, 60, and 125 cm³ and is ready to use, without the need for special tools. The compact size makes this innovative lubrication system ideal for confined and hard-to-reach places.

The high-precision lubrication systems perma STAR VARIO and perma STAR CONTROL are also ideal for use in the food and beverage industry. The systems operate fully automatically, independent of temperature and pressure within a temperature range of -20 to +60 °C. perma offers special lubricants with NSF certification for food and beverage applications.

The flyer also contains suitable accessories for various mounting options and useful hints for installation. Once installed, perma lubrication systems ensure high process reliability by continuously and reliably supplying all lubrication points with lubricant.

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