Prevent roller bearing failures

Roller bearings belong to a group of components which are often "forgotten" once installed even though they are very important in all types of industries. If a roller bearing fails, it always means an economic impairment, quite often even a production stop, resulting in high costs..

Roller Bearing failures – causes and damages

Roller bearing failure can have many causes. Extremely high loads in running operations reduce the service life of bearings the same as unbalances or excessive vibrations. The end of service life is often indicated by noises and material fatigue. Dirt particles or liquid contamination entering the bearing can also cause damages. In the case of lubrication starvation lubricant is not being distributed optimally. Unsuited or aged lubricants also affect the bearing. An important factor in extending service life is correct bearing lubrication.

perma automatic lubrication extends bearing service life

More than the half of all premature roller bearing failures can be prevented with correct lubrication. perma lubrication systems continuously supply lubrication points with fresh lubricant. They prevent the ingress of water, dirt and dust which extends bearing service life. Lubrication starvation or over-lubrication can be prevented by adjusting the lubrication to ambient conditions like high temperatures.

For lubrication points with strong vibrations, the lubrication system can be remotely mounted with grease lines to the lubrication point. Exchanges of perma lubrication systems can take place outside of dangerous areas even during operation. perma offers a large selection of greases and oils which meet all of the different roller bearing requirements. Maintenance runs can be scheduled ahead of time taking pressure off the maintenance team. Make use of the benefits of perma lubrication for your roller bearings!

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