Direct or Remote Mounting?

perma lubrication systems are extremely flexible in their use for many applications, e.g. conveyor systems, electric motors, pumps, fans and blowers. Automatic lubrication systems can be mounted directly into most lubrications points. Remote mounting is possible with grease lines.

With direct mounting you can take advantage of the reliable function without spending much time and effort for mounting. The lubrication system is directly screwed into the lubrication point and ensures high process reliability by continuously supplying fresh lubricant.

Remote mounting might be required if your answer to one of the following questions is „YES“:

  1. Is it necessary to remove protective covers or screens in order to reach the lubrication point?
  2. Is it difficult or dangerous to reach the lubrication point during plant operation?
  3. Is the lubrication point subject to strong vibrations or high temperatures which may impair or damage the lubrication system?
  4. Is access permission required to reach lubrication points in secured areas or at great heights?
  5. Is the lubrication system exposed to the following:
        - Large amounts of water (e.g. high pressure cleaning)
        - Aggressive media from production (e.g. pumps in the chemical industry)
        - Damage from solid substances (e.g. falling rocks in quarries)

Remote mounting is done with grease lines. Lubrication systems are mounting away from dangerous areas with special mounting brackets or hangers, e.g. on protective covers. perma lubrication systems can be used with grease lines up to 5 meters. After the grease line is installed, future exchanges of perma lubrication systems can be done outside of dangerous areas. This saves time and significantly increases workplace safety.

Both mounting types provide all advantages of automatic lubrication. The lubrication point continuously receives fresh lubricant and is protected against ingress of moisture and dirt.  Equipment reliability increases, downtimes are prevented and economic efficiency improves. Maintenance runs can be scheduled ahead of time taking pressure off the maintenance team onsite.

perma-tec has more useful tips for the mounting of perma lubrication systems. Special MOUNTING SETS and accessories are available for each mounting type. perma-tec also offers a large selection of grease and oil to meet the many different requirements of users. 

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