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The paper industry is currently facing many new challenges: 

An increase in international competition, falling demand due to digital media, rising energy costs and stricter health-, workplace safety- and environmental constraints. In order to meet these challenges, operators must increase plant productivity and profitability and simultaneously reduce operating costs. perma lubrication systems help to provide a solution to these problems.


Dust, dirt, moisture
Dust, dirt, moisture
High speeds</span><span> 
High speeds 
High maintenance costs
High maintenance costs
Spread-out equipment with different lube-points
Spread-out equipment with different lube-points
Hard-to-reach lubrication points
Hard-to-reach lubrication points
Rotating machine parts
Rotating machine parts
High temperatures</span><span> 
High temperatures 


Mount a perma lubrication system at the lubrication point. Depending on the conditions prevailing at the lubrication point, the perma lubrication system can either be mounted directly or remotely.

Direct mounting on lubrication point: e.g. perma FLEX
  • Easy, quick mounting
  • For lube-points with little vibration / shocks
  • For easy-to-access and safe lubrication points
Remote mounting to lubrication point: e.g. perma STAR VARIO
  • For lube-points with strong vibration / shocks (isolation of lubrication system)
  • When workers’ safety is at risk: Mounting in safe areas
  • For hard-to-access lubrication points
Marco Lieb

Marco Lieb

Director of Sales | Authorised Officer

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