In contrast to the perma STAR VARIO (with battery pack), the perma STAR CONTROL is supplied with external power via cable. The operating status can be transmitted to a PLC and evaluated. The two integrated operating modes TIME and IMPULSE offer flexible use. In TIME mode, lubricant discharge is based on operating hours. In IMPULSE mode, a precisely defined quantity is dispensed as soon as voltage is supplied. 
The perma STAR CONTROL consists of an electromechanical drive and an LC with 60, 120, 250 or 500 cm³ of lubricant. The required mode is set on the drive. Lubrication is precise and temperature-independent at a counter pressure up to 7.5 bar.

  • LCD display with push button
  • Electromechanical drive
  • Pressure build-up to 7.5 bar
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perma STAR CONTROL is used to lubricate roller and sliding bearings, sliding guides, open gears, gear racks, spindles, shaft seals and chains. Due to the precise lubricant metering, perma STAR CONTROL is ideally suited for lubrication of electric motors with specified lubricant quantities. The system is protected against dust and water jets, subject to correct assembly of the individual parts (IP65).

Electric motors



Roller bearings

Sliding bearings

Shaft seals

Open gears

LCD display with push button shows discharge settings, LC size and operating status

Electromechanical drive with external power supply

Pressure build-up to 7.5 bar allows remote mounting up to 5 m

Power supplyExternal: 9 - 30 V DC, I (max) 0,5 A
HousingTransparent plastic
Discharge period1, 2, 3, ..., 12 months | 1, 2, 3, ..., 26 weeks
STAR LC 60: + 15, 18, 21, 24 months
STAR LC 500: max. 6 months
Impulse control
Lubricant volume60 cm³, 120 cm³, 250 cm³, 500 cm³
Operating temperature-40 °C to +60 °C
Pressure build-up7.5 bar
Protection classIP 65
LubricantsGrease up to NLGI 2 / oil
Max. tube lengths5.00 m
Impulse controlled✓️️
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