Using the benefits of Bluetooth technology for maintenance

Automatic lubrication systems from perma are an indispensable tool for maintenance that involves the regular, precise lubrication of machinery and equipment. The new perma lubrication systems now have Bluetooth functionality that will make your maintenance work even more efficient.

Lubrication point management made easy – perma CONNECT

perma has developed a special app for the use of these lubrication systems – the perma CONNECT app. All the lubrication systems for every application can easily be configured, maintained and managed using this app. This can be done in real time and on any device.

Optimising your maintenance work

Thanks to the Bluetooth functionality, you can monitor every lubrication system remotely. This reduces the amount of time spent in operational or even dangerous areas that are difficult to access, thereby actively improving workplace safety. The perma CONNECT app allows you to adjust discharge periods, initiate additional discharge or switch the lubrication system on and off at any time. In the event of excess pressure or an empty LC, you will instantly receive an error message. 

At any time, you can verify whether the correct amount of fresh lubricant is being dispensed for the required application at the right time. This not only saves time, but also money. Optimised lubrication extends the service life of machinery and equipment, resulting in higher overall productivity.

The Bluetooth technology can easily be integrated into existing processes. In combination with the web application, all information about lubrication points and applications is also available at your workplace.

What are you waiting for? Start now!

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