perma SELECT APP: Application oriented calculation tool for relubrication

Optimal lubrication with the right lubricant and the right amount is one of the most important maintenance tasks. Wrong dosage can lead to costly unscheduled equipment downtimes. Calculating the adequate relubrication amount is therefore an important factor for uninterrupted operation and an active contribution to economic success.

The perma SELECT APP calculates the required lubricant amount and discharge setting for your perma lubrication system. Individual operating conditions affecting the relubrication amount are taken into account.

You can conveniently install the free* App on all standard iOS and Android mobile devices. A browser version is also available. The easy-to-use app offers intuitive operation, an appealing design and can also be used offline. This functional tool simplifies maintenance work on site and helps to ensure reliable relubrication.

* Online costs charged by internet service providers must be paid by the user. Download and use of the perma SELECT APP are free of charge.