perma PRO LINE / perma PRO C LINE – The ideal lubrication solution for linear guides

The automatic lubrication system perma PRO LINE / perma PRO C LINE was developed for extremely challenging applications like linear guides with special designs and diverse uses.

perma PRO LINE / perma PRO C LINE can build up pressure to 25 bar and has 6 outlets, which can be individually programmed to meet linear guide specifications. Lubrication points are located at the runner block or on the drive. Several lubrication points must be lubricated while systems are running. Different lubrication points require different lubricant amounts. Drives (spindle or rack) often need more lubrication than runner blocks. perma PRO LINE meets these requirements. Different lubricant amounts and lubrication intervals can be programmed for each one of the 6 outlets.

perma PRO LINE consists of the MP-6 distributer, the perma PRO LINE drive unit and the perma PRO LC (lubricant cartridge filled with either 250 or 500 cm³ of lubricant). Programming is quick and easy via the push button and the display: Lubricant amounts and pause times between lubricant discharges can be individually programmed for each lubrication point. Additional discharges can be initiated manually to compensate peak running times or to rinse lubrication points after long standstills. The LEDs indicate the operational status and the display shows which outlets are activated and how much time is remaining until the lubrication cartridge is empty and needs to be exchanged.

Two versions are available: The battery operated, stand-alone version perma PRO LINE, and perma PRO C LINE with external power supply. perma PRO LINE can save valuable maintenance time. It increases equipment availability and prevents insufficient as well as too much lubrication. Remote mounting with tubes at safe and easy-to-access places, away from moving machine parts, drastically reduces the risk of accidents and increases workplace safety.

Due to the precise and reliable discharge, perma PRO LINE and perma PRO C LINE are used in all types of industries – from the automotive industry to steel and paper. The systems are not only suitable for linear guide applications, but also for the lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, open gears or spindles.