NEW:<br>perma STAR VARIO EX - for potentially explosive areas

perma STAR VARIO EX - for potentially explosive areas

Following the success of the perma STAR VARIO, the next innovation of the product line is now being launched.

The new perma STAR VARIO EX enables the precise automatic lubrication which perma STAR VARIO products are known for, even in potentially explosive areas with gases (up to Zone 0 / Div 1) and dusts (up to Zone 20 / Div 1).

From the chemical industry to the food industry or mining, explosion hazard is an ongoing challenge. perma  is dedicated to enhancing and ensuring the safety of maintenance operations, even under hazardous conditions. The development of the perma STAR VARIO EX successfully integrates the benefits of the latest perma STAR VARIO generation while meeting strict explosion protection requirements.

For additional convenience, the perma STAR VARIO BLUETOOTH EX variant allows for remote configuration, control, and maintenance via the perma CONNECT app, further enhancing maintenance efficiency.

 Click here for more technical details about our new product.

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