perma MLP web application / perma MLP APP: Lubrication management made easy

The free perma MLP web application and the perma MLP APP provide you with a current overview of all your lubrication points and offer convenient coordination of upcoming maintenance tasks

perma MLP web application offers central management for lubrication points. The perma MLP APP helps record all maintenance and exchange work on site by simply scanning the QR-code on perma products. An interface allows data exchange between the perma MLP web application and the perma MLP APP.

Perfect support for maintenance tasks

perma MLP APP helps you with administrative tasks. The reminder function shows you in advance when maintenance work is due. Together with the reminder of upcoming exchange deadlines, you will receive corresponding order suggestions for perma lubrication systems. Individual task lists can be conveniently created with the perma MLP web application. After synchronising, these task lists are visible in the perma MLP APP to the employees in charge on site. Once the maintenance work is completed, the updated data is synchronised with the central perma MLP web application.

App and web application are available free of charge*. The perma MLP web application can be accessed with any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) with internet connection. The perma MLP APP is available for Android und iOS.

* Online costs charged by internet service providers must be paid by the user. Download and use of the perma MLP web application and perma MLP APP are free of charge.