perma lubrication systems for Recycling Plants

For the process of making new products, secondary raw material, or energy from waste, recycling plant operators rely on trouble free operation and maximum equipment availability. Apart from crushers, shredders and pneumatic separators, the most critical equipment are the large and complex conveyor systems. Any unexpected conveyor downtime, caused by a damaged bearing or motor, immediately affects all subsequent processes. perma lubrication systems are ideal preventive maintenance tools to reduce costly equipment downtime. 

Reliable lubrication despite dust, heat and vibration

perma STAR VARIO has been used successfully on conveyor belt systems for many years. The electromechanical lubrication system works very precise, fully automatic and independent of operating temperature and counter pressure. At the same time it seals lubrication points against water and dirt. Lubricant supply to bearings and conveyors is reliable which prevents costly machine downtime. perma lubrication systems discharge continuously – even while machines are running.

Remote mounting, with grease lines up to 5 meters, is possible for lubrication points which are located in hard-to-reach areas or with strong vibrations. Lubrication points are mounted away from dangerous areas e.g. with special mounting brackets on protective covers. After the grease line is installed, future exchanges of perma lubrication systems can easily be done outside of dangerous areas which increases workplace safety.

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