perma ACADEMY - New training dates for 2022

Ensuring highest equipment availability poses many challenges, especially in maintenance. Automatic lubrication is an important aspect.

In the perma ACADEMY, our lubrication experts pass on their knowledge and inform you about the latest technical developments. They provide best practices for a successful use of perma lubrication systems and explain how optimum lubrication works.

Benefit from the know-how of the global market leader in the field of single-point lubrication systems and deepen your knowledge about automatic lubrication for your daily maintenance tasks. Classroom training sessions are available in German and English. You can find the 2022 training dates here.

perma eACADEMY – online training independent of time and location

The perma eACADEMY is free of charge and offers various clearly structured training chapters which you can complete conveniently at any time, even at home. A short one-time registration is all it takes to get access to the e-training content. Brief tests at the end of each chapter assure that the e-training content was thoroughly understood.

The eBASIC imparts important basic knowledge about automatic lubrication. After successful completion of eBASIC, various chapters about perma ULTRA will also be available to you. These provide detailed information on how the high-precision lubrication system with Bluetooth functionality works and about the practical use of perma ULTRA. Use this expert knowledge to simplify your daily maintenance tasks.