A reference guide for automatic lubrication.

Extensive background information about lubrication technology and a user-friendly layout make the perma LUBE BOOK a valuable reference guide for automatic lubrication.

perma LUBE BOOK is the result of our growing product range of perma lubrication systems including suitable accessories. In addition to new products we consequently enhanced our service-idea. This reference guide sets standards for the maintenance of equipment and is based on our extensive experience in different industries worldwide.

perma LUBE BOOK – Only three steps to the optimal lubrication solution

perma LUBE BOOK picks up a user’s view and approach and leads the user to the ideal lubrication solution in just three steps:

  • Determination of application areas
    The first step defines the lubrication point based on industry, main application, like conveyors, electric motors, fan / blowers, and pumps, or based on the respective machine element.
  • Determination of mounting type
    The second step defines the mounting type depending on ambient condition. A checklist in the perma LUBE BOOK helps you to determine if it is better to use direct mounting or remote mounting.
  • Selection of perma lubrication systems and lubricants
    The third step helps you to find the ideal lubrication system for your application. Here you can decide which kind of operating mode is best for your application and if you want to use a single-point or multi-point lubrication system. The extensive lubricant overview will assist you in finding the right lubricant for your application.

By following these three steps you will assure optimal lubrication for your application.

What else is new in the perma LUBE BOOK?

Our standard product range was extended with the perma FUTURA PLUS – a system for immediate use with discharge pre-selection. We also added the new perma FLEX PLUS which was especially developed for use in the chemical-, pharma- and food industry. Users will also find numerous examples of new industries with many possible applications.


All-round service for users

The perma LUBE BOOK is far more than an overview of numerous lubrication solutions in different industries. It also introduces digital tools for finding out the required lubricant amount and a digital lubrication point management tool. There are practical tips to make your work on-site easier like checklists to determine the optimal mounting type. You will also find information about preparation, activation and installation of perma lubrication systems. Parallel to the new perma LUBE BOOK users can experience virtual images into the real world of automatic lubrication on our website.

perma LUBE BOOK available right now

The valuable information and a fresh new design make this reference guide an important companion for maintenance personnel.


The perma LUBE BOOK can be ordered from our website and is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Portuguese in printed form. Electronic versions are available for Chinese and Japanese.