Cancellations - perma ACADEMY

In view of the rising number of COVID-19 infections and the lockdowns in many countries, all perma ACADEMY trainings have been cancelled until the end of June 2020 as the health and safety of our guests and employees are our top priority.

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KORN Recycling relies on perma Lubrication systems

KORN is a certified waste management company and employs 190 people at 5 different locations. Its headquarters are in Albstadt, Germany, where KORN operates one of the world’s most advanced industrial waste management and RDF waste to energy plants worldwide. KORN relies on perma lubrication systems for preventive maintenance in order to guarantee a continuous production process.

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Would you like to find out more about automatic lubrication systems? We are happy to help you with our expert knowledge. The training program is based on decades of practical experience with automatic lubrication systems. Training sessions are available in German and English.

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perma lubrication systems in the sewage treatment plant of Bad Kissingen

The design capacity of the Bad Kissingen sewage plant is 60,000 PE (population equivalent). The plant is located in the immediate vicinity of the river Franconian Saale. Bad Kissingen is a famous spa town with valuable mineral springs. The protection of these mineral springs is a great challenge for the sewage plant especially when the river floods.

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perma lubrication systems or central lubrication systems?

The lubrication of machines and equipment prevents friction and premature wear. For optimal lubrication it is important to lubricate electric motors, conveyor belts, pumps, blowers and fans at the right time and with the right lubricant in the right amount. Meeting these lubrication requirements also means extra maintenance time and higher costs.

However, there are tools – like perma automatic lubrication systems - which can simplify required maintenance tasks. But, why are perma lubrication…

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perma lubrication systems for Recycling Plants

For the process of making new products, secondary raw material, or energy from waste, recycling plant operators rely on trouble free operation and maximum equipment availability. Apart from crushers, shredders and pneumatic separators, the most critical equipment are the large and complex conveyor systems. Any unexpected conveyor downtime, caused by a damaged bearing or motor, immediately affects all subsequent processes. perma lubrication systems are ideal preventive maintenance tools to…

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