Discover the next generation The new perma STAR VARIO generation | The new perma STAR VARIO generation

Correct lubrication plays an important role in maintenance and is a basic requirement to ensure process safety.
For perma, this has been a reason to develop efficient, innovative and creative lubrication solutions for almost 60 years, which have proven themselves in all types of industries worldwide. The new perma STAR VARIO generation is another milestone in lubrication technology. The successful product has been upgraded with even better technical properties, such as extended temperature- and…

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Automatic lubrication of linear guides

Linear guides are machine elements that enable the movement of machines or components in linear direction. They are available as recirculating ball / roller guides or as sliding guides and are suitable for various production processes. Precise lubrication, tailored to the respective use, ensures flexible and reliable function of linear guides in a variety of applications.

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Automatic lubrication solutions for mining and heavy industry

Maintenance and lubrication in the heavy industry pose numerous challenges to maintenance staff. Equipment must function reliably under the most difficult operating conditions, such as high temperatures, moisture, heavy contamination and harsh operating environments. Equipment components are permanently exposed to drastic stress. The failure of one component will lead to machine breakdowns, causing high costs.

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