perma PRO LINE

perma PRO LINE is a special multi-point lubrication system for linear guides. Each outlet's lubricant discharge can be adapted to manufacturer specifications. The PRO LC is available in two sizes (filled with 250 cm³ or 500 cm³ of grease) and supplies lubrication points with lubricant for up to 2 years. The high pressure build-up enables remote mounting with tube extensions of up to 5 m (per outlet). Remote mounting not only increases workplace safety, but also offers reliable, flexible and efficient lubrication while they are running.

  • Applications


    Main applications for the multi-point lubrication system perma PRO LINE are linear guides. Application fields range from various linear guide and drive units in all kinds of industries - from automotive to paper. Other applications are roller and sliding bearings, open gears and spindles.


  • Product characteristics

    Flexible setting options for every outlet
    Pause time between discharges

    • Lubricant quantity individually configurable for each outlet
    • Individual setting of pause times per outlet
    • Lubricant discharge is optimally adapted to respective lubrication point

    Setting via push button with display and LED
    Display of remaining discharge time
    Display of distributor outlets
    LED red/green = function

    • Simple operation of lubrication system
    • Lubrication system function and error immediately visible
    • Quick check of discharge time saves time and simplifies planning of PRO LC exchange

    Additional discharge

    • Additional lubricant discharges can be triggered for all outlets during pause times
    • Peak loads can be compensated
    • Lubrication point can be purged (e.g. to add fresh lubricant after long system downtimes)
  • Technical Data

    • Drive
    • Power supply
      Battery PRO B
    • Housing
      Metal / Transparent plastic
    • Discharge period
      Pause time in days (24 h) / Discharges for each outlet
    • Lubricant volume
      250cm³, 500 cm³
    • Operating temperature
      -20 °C to +60 °C
    • Pressure build-up
      25 bar
    • Number of outlets
      1 - 6
    • Lubricants
      Grease up to NLGI 2
    • Max. tube lengths
      5.00 m
    • CE
    • UL
  • Part numbers

    perma PRO LINE
    DescriptionArt. No.
    perma PRO LINE Basic system 
    (with Battery PRO B)
    perma PRO LC 250
    DescriptionArt. No.
    perma Multipurpose grease SF01106639
    perma Extreme pressure grease SF02106641
    perma High temp. grease SF03106642
    perma High performance grease SF04106644
    perma High temp. / Extreme pressure grease SF05106645
    perma Liquid grease SF06106646
    perma High speed grease SF08106647
    perma Multipurpose bio grease SF09106648
    perma Food grade grease H1 SF10106649
    Cover for PRO LC 250106959
    perma PRO LC 500
    DescriptionArt. No.
    perma Multipurpose grease SF01106753
    perma Extreme pressure grease SF02106754
    perma High temp. grease SF03106755
    perma High performance grease SF04106757
    perma High temp. / Extreme pressure grease SF05106758
    perma Liquid grease SF06106759
    perma High speed grease SF08106760
    perma Multipurpose bio grease SF09106761
    perma Food grade grease H1 SF10106762
    Cover for PRO LC 500106960