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Advantages for our customers

At perma, the customer is at the centre. We believe that satisfied customers are the key to our success. That’s why we strive to prioritise your needs and expectations in all our actions. Our customers take advantage of a wide range of benefits:


High-quality products made in Germany


Fast and reliable delivery


Worldwide subsidiaries and partners


State-of-the-art technology


Fast and reliable delivery

Long-term relationships

Professional customer service and support

Maximising their production output is crucial for our customers in order to remain competitive on a global scale. At the same time, they need to keep operating costs down in the long term while ensuring compliance with high workplace safety requirements. The key to this lies in the use of suitable lubrication solutions that extend equipment service life and minimise downtime. 

Automatic lubrication systems from perma help businesses around the world to achieve these goals.

perma lubrication systems are used to lubricate a variety of machine elements in common applications such as conveyors, pumps, fans and electric motors. Our product portfolio provides reliable solutions which are easy to implement and incorporate into your existing maintenance plans.

perma lubrication systems allow you to perfectly lubricate your equipment to avoid premature bearing failures and reduce downtime.

Contamination from water and solids speeds up wear and shortens bearing service life. By applying fresh in small amounts regularly, perma automatic lubrication systems prevent ingress of liquids, dirt and dust, thus increasing bearing service life.

Manual vs. automatic lubrication

Over-lubrication with manual lubrication

  • Increase in operating temperature
  • Damage to contact seals
  • Excessive lubricant consumption

Lubrication starvation with manual lubrication

  • Increase in friction and wear
  • Contamination ingress

Automatic lubrication with perma lubrication systems ensures constant supply of the ideal lubricant quantity. Unlike manual lubrication, over-lubrication or lubrication starvation can be prevented.

Customer benefits

Technical aspects

Equipment availability

Cost effectiveness

Workplace safety

Environmental protection

„As a business, together we can drive forward the UN Sustainable Development Goals and 
create a sustainable future for everyone. Let’s do our part for the 2030 Agenda.“

Dr. Abassin Aryobsei
CEO perma-tec

Our service portfolio


The perma Services team is made up of highly qualified professionals who are on hand to help you find the right lubrication solution.


perma APPS

perma CONNECT lets you easily and reliably monitor and manage your perma lubrication systems in hard-to-reach work areas and dangerous areas remotely. This allows you to increase efficiency, save valuable time and boosts the productivity of your business. 

Lubrication systems for special demands

with bluetooth connectivity
Automatic lubrication systems 

with bluetooth connectivity

with long reach
Automatic lubrication systems 

with long reach

with high pressure <br>build-up
Automatic lubrication systems 

with high pressure 

Marco Lieb

Marco Lieb

Director of Sales | Authorised Officer

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