perma ECOSY

perma ECOSY is a multi-point lubrication system and supplies up to 6 lubrication points with a predefined quantity of oil. The control of perma ECOSY allows time, sensor or impulse mode and can be adapted to varying demands. Lubrication pump and control are integrated into a 7-litre plastic tank. The high-performance perma ECOSY pump allows lubrication points up to 10 m away to be supplied with lubricant, e.g. in difficult-to-access and soiled areas.

  • Applications


    perma ECOSY can be used to lubricate guideways as well as drive and transport chains. The system supplies lubrication points with the defined lubricant quantity via special brushes and prevents friction and wear at the contact points. This increases the service life and reduces maintenance costs. Typical applications include escalators, moving walkways and conveyors.


  • Product characteristics

    Multifunction display in several languages

    • Simple operation. No special programming knowledge required
    • Lubricant quantity per outlet can be individually defined
    • Display with function indicator and reserve notification

    High-quality plastic housing with 7-litre tank volume

    • Compact and lubricant resistant plastic housing with integrated lubrication pump and control unit
    • Reduction in maintenance costs due to long servicing intervals

    Flexible pump control of 6 outlets

    • Time, sensor or impulse dependent control possible
    • Lubricating oils with viscosities of 65–2000 mm²/s (at +40 °C) can be pumped
    • High-performance pump provides supply to remote and hard-to-reach lubrication points
  • Technical Data

    • Drive
    • Power supply
      External: 85 - 240 V AC / 24 V DC
    • Housing
    • Discharge period
      Machine controlled / Time controlled
    • Lubricant volume
      7 liter
    • Operating temperature
      -20 °C to +60° C
    • Pressure build-up
      Max. 10 bar
    • Number of outlets
    • Max. tube lengths
      10.00 m
    • Impulse controlled
    • CE
  • Part numbers

    perma ECOSY
    DescriptionArt. No.
    perma ECOSY101700
    Control sensor ECOSY109401