perma ULTRA

1. Battery pack is either empty or defective.
2. Drive unit is defective and needs to be returned to your supplier.

LC means Lubricant Cartridge.

1. Remove battery pack. Wait for 10 seconds and insert new battery pack.

2. If "Er" is still shown, the drive unit is broken and needs to be returned to your supplier.

The system recognized the counter pressure to be higher than 50 bar. 
perma ULTRA has turned off automatically. 
Check counter pressure at lube point and re-start the system.

perma ULTRA has been operated at temperatures below -40 °C (-40 °F) and turned off. 
"ut" (under temperature) can be skipped by pushing the SET button for 1 second. 
Always ensure that perma ULTRA is operated at temperatures higher than -40 °C (-40 °F).

perma ULTRA is to be mounted in upright position only.

"OL" can be skipped by pushing the SET button for 1 second. 
If counter pressure goes down (< 50 bar) the system returns to normal operation. 
If counter pressure remains > 50 bar "OL" will reappear.

Battery pack doesn‘t provide the required minimum voltage because:

1. It has already been in use
2. It is too old.

No. Batteries are not rechargable.

Change ULTRA LC if display shows "LC" and red LED is blinking.

  • Green: perma ULTRA is operating according to its settings.
  • Red: perma ULTRA switched off and doesn't discharge. See display for further information.

When the battery pack is has snapped into place, the system automatically runs a self-test. Motor function, display and LEDs are checked. After the self-test the display shows "00".

IP 65 / IP 67

  • ULTRA LC 500 = 500 cm³
  • ULTRA LC 1000 = 1000 cm³

max. 50 bar / 725 psi

-40 °C to +60 °C / -40 °F to +140 °F

Display shows "ru" and green LED is blinking.

To activate the purge mode, push SET button for at least 10 seconds until "PU" appears in display. System does 3 discharges of 2 cm³. 
Purge function can be stopped by pushing the SET button. 
After purging, perma ULTRA returns to its set mode.

Alternatively, the special Purge can also be started via perma CONNECT.

ø = 120 mm x 300 mm

Push SET button for approx. 1 sec after LC size and discharge period are set. LC size and discharge period will be shown on the display.

NOTE: Drive is not pre-set. LC size is recognized automatically. Program discharge period as follows:

  1. Hold down SET button for >5 s 
  2. The exchange indicator m / w appears
  3. Set unit of time (m = months, w = weeks) by pressing the SET button
  4. The change is applied after 3 s 
  5. Set the discharge period by pressing SET button
  6. The change is applied after 3 s