Korn Recycling GmbH

The plants of KORN Recycling sort and recycle commercial, industrial and municipal waste. The most modern technology like radio technology, infrared technology, induction- and magnetic sorting and separation stages for sifting and air separation is used for the accurate recovery of secondary raw materials and their return to the production process. Waste, which cannot be recycled, is processed into quality controlled, high grade alternative fuels. These alternative fuels are used in the cement- and power plant industry to replace primary energy sources like coal, gas or oil. For this concept, KORN Recycling was presented with the innovation reward from the state of Baden Württemberg.

For trouble-free process flow, effective lubrication of various plant components - like shredders and conveyor belts - is extremely important. Equipment maintenance is very difficult due to the high temperature and extreme dust generation. The maintenance team of KORN Recycling relies on perma lubrication systems like the perma FUTURA and the perma STAR VARIO.
perma FUTURA is used for the lubrication of conveyor belt systems and perma STAR VARIO for the lubrication of various electric motors.