Technical Training


Lubrication is an important aspect for the construction of modern machinery and equipment. High equipment availability is the aim of every designing engineer. Automatic single-point lubrication systems can help to meet this goal. 

They also offer the necessary flexibility to supply the most suitable lubricant for the equipment, plus optimum quality and the right amount of lubricant. Besides bearing lubrication, we also cover the lubrication of shaft seals, linear guides, chains, gears, and sliding guides by using hands-on exercises.

Training content

  • Why automatic lubrication
  • Where to use automatic lubrication systems
  • Best practice solutions for bearings, chains, linear guides and the main applications: Electric motors, pumps, blowers / fans, conveyors
  • Advantages of automatic lubrication
  • Overview of perma greases and oils
  • Function of automatic single-point lubrication systems
  • Which perma lubrication system for which lubrication point / application
  • perma Software tools especially for maintenance (perma CONNECT and perma SELECT APP) including practical application examples
  • How to identify the correct accessory parts
  • Hands-on exercises (e.g. correct installation of lubrication systems)
  • Selling points
  • Marketing tools




Target audience

  • Employees requiring basic technical knowledge and selling points for the sale of perma Lubrication systems
  • Office and field based sales staff as well as marketing staff
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Employees working with automatic lubrication systems
  • Employees who want to start with the basics