perma-tec présente des solutions innovantes pour la lubrification au salon „Easyfairs maintenance Austria 2015“, 10 et 11 juin 2015, Wels

Venez nous rendre visite les 10 et 11 juin au salon „Easyfairs Maintenance“ Austria 2015“, hall 20F, stand C14, à Wels, en Autriche. Vous pourrez vous informer en détail sur la gamme des produits perma ainsi que sur les nouveautés, les tendances et les services proposés dans le monde de la maintenance – et ce directement auprès du spécialiste de la lubrification automatique.

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perma Sales partner DWT-Munk at the “maintenance“ in Stuttgart from 29 - 30 April 2015

The "maintenance" Stuttgart offers a complete overview of the entire range of maintenance tasks. An important issue is automatic lubrication.

Our sales partner at the “easyFairs Maintenance” in Stuttgart will show you the newest perma automatic lubrication solutions which will help you to increase the service life of your equipment, the economic efficiency and workplace safety of your company.

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perma Lubrication Systems for Conveyors

Euerdorf. In many industries, process safety depends on conveyor reliability. Conveyors are needed in all types of industries. They operate in difficult environments like the extreme weather of the quarrying industry or the hygienically sensitive conditions of the food industry.

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perma Lubrication Systems for Electric Motors

Electric motors are found in all types of applications – fans, blowers, pumps, conveyors, etc. The importance of the electric motor is usually not recognized until it fails. Optimal lubrication is the key to increase process safety, equipment service life and productivity. 

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perma STAR VARIO Generation 2.0 – Redefines user-friendliness

Euerdorf – Lubrication plays an important role in maintenance programs. Equipment breakdowns caused by insufficient or incorrect lubrication can have fatal and costly consequences. In some cases they can even stop the entire production. Correct lubrication is therefore a basic requirement for trouble free operation. The new perma STAR VARIO ensures optimum lubrication regardless of changing temperatures, high counter pressure, or contamination at the lubrication point.

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perma VIDEOS

Euerdorf. For years perma-tec is offering innovative single-point lubrication solutions for applications like conveyors, electric motors, pumps and fans / blowers.

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