perma ACADEMY: Trainings for 2024

perma ACADEMY: Trainings for 2024

perma will continue to provide support for your day-to-day business and offer the chance to enhance your knowledge in the field of automatic lubrication in 2024 also.

Our international partners can choose between perma eACADEMY Online Trainings and the perma ACADEMY Technical Trainings in our headquarters in Euerdorf. For individual guidance, please feel free to get in touch with your perma contact.

Everyone interested in a perma ACADEMY or eACADEMY training can register online or via e-mail. We have reserved room contingents at special rates at our partner hotel in Bad Kissingen for the training participants.

All guests are invited for a joint dinner after the first training day, providing the opportunity to network with the perma trainer and sales team.

You can find an overview of all perma ACADEMY trainings for 2024 here.

Should you be unable to identify a suitable date, please feel free to contact your perma POC for further assistance in scheduling an individual training session for you.

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