perma Lubrication Systems in asphalt mixing plants

Processing mineral rocks, mineral dust, binders (bitumen) and additives into asphalt mixture is a complex procedure.

In addition to many safety aspects, staff and equipment are faced with tough challenges, such as varying temperatures, extreme dust and dirt, and hard-to-reach lubrication points. Continuous lubrication of machine elements is an important factor to prevent equipment breakdown and to increase economic efficiency.

Special challenges in asphalt mixing plants

Especially the centerpiece of the system, the mixing module, is exposed to high temperatures and strong vibrations. Failures of equipment components will stop the entire production. With a low staffing level, time-consuming repairs are a big challenge or impossible. The results are downtimes, delays and costly repairs.

perma lubrication systems provide reliable lubrication for many applications in asphalt mixing plants. Bearings and lubrication points are protected against abrasive wear and against contaminant and liquid ingress. perma lubrication systems can be programmed to discharge the exact amount required by individual lubrication points over a certain period. Maintenance intervals can be planned. Lubrication of hard-to-reach lubrication points or on rotating machine parts is difficult. Remote mounting of perma lubrication systems, using grease lines, provides access to these areas by increasing workplace safety at the same time.

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