Wolf Holding

Wolf Holding GmbH is a family-owned business based in Schwandorf, Bavaria. Founded in 1925, Wolf has evolved from a small business into one of the biggest sausage manufacturers in Germany, with 1700 employees at four different locations.

Top quality and consumer health are given top priority. Continuous quality assurance and due care in meat processing are guaranteed because controls are strict and all processes are rigorously documented, from the delivery of raw materials and ingredients to the finished products. 

The high-quality standards are particularly reflected in the company’s energy-saving production processes. System components, such as conveyor systems or electric motors, are maintained on a regular basis in order to guarantee smooth operation, so adequate lubrication is essential. WOLF relies on perma Lubrication systems. The perma STAR VARIO is used in their smokers as the fully automatic system operates both at high temperatures of up to +60°C but also at low temperatures, which makes it ideal for lubricating refrigeration systems.  The perma FLEX 60 is used for lubricating its conveyor systems, as it discharges precisely with very small lubricant quantities. WOLF relies on perma lubrication systems with special food grade grease.