TÜNKERS GROUP - 9 Automation Modules

Industrial robot automation and automated plant technology are the main characteristics of the TÜNKERS’ range of products and services. Their modular design system for automation or handling technology consist of 9 modules offering the following product variety:
Conveying systems and conveying technology: Accumulating conveyors, pallet accumulating conveyor, pallet belt conveyor, FLS belt, AFS belt, indexing conveyor, indexing chain conveyor, vertical chain conveyor, transfer system, belt conveyor, heavy-duty conveyor, heavy-duty roller conveyor, rotary container system, container changing system, LCA component drawer, handle columns, conveying systems, dragon khan, distribution system, twin conveyor, DKN conveyor system.

Cooperation between TÜNKERS and perma has been very successful for many years. perma lubrication systems such as perma FLEX, perma STAR VARIO or perma STAR CONTROL in combination with the perma high performance oil SO14 are primarily used for lubricating chains of accumulating conveyors, which allows the chains to be lubricated during operation so maintenance intervals can be stretched and system availability is improved.