Lay Gewürze oHG

For almost 100 years Lay has been renowned for quality and taste, which, along with its efficient customer service, has allowed Lay to become one of the leading suppliers of fine quality herbs and spices to the food industry, ranging from food and meat processing companies to catering and large-scale consumers.

Lay products meet the challenges of complex production demands at all times. Excellent results require the best ingredients. Lay quality spices provide the basis of creative cuisine. A wide range of spices, herbs, spice mixes, seasonings and base sauces are supplied in flavour-protected and user-friendly packaging.

High standards of hygiene are very important when it comes to maintenance and repair. The perma STAR VARIO, a fully automatic, temperature and pressure-independent lubrication system with plastic housing, is used for lubricating mixers and bagging machines as it operates with a very precise discharge, so lubrication starvation, over-lubrication and contamination are prevented.

For lubricating its reach trucks, which do not require much lubrication, Lay relies on the perma FLEX - a compact and ready-to-use lubrication system, which is delivered as a complete unit and operates reliably in dusty and moist environments.