Krones is a leading manufacturer of process, filling and packaging technology. They sell production lines and equipment for beverage and liquid food industries.

As a systems supplier, they provide all types of equipment – from single components to complete production plants – to breweries, bottling companies and liquid food manufacturers worldwide.

Krones plans and builds complete lines which cover every single process and production step – from the production of bottles, cans and specially shaped bottles to filling and packaging, all the way to material flow and container recycling.

Krones relies on perma lubrication systems for the maintenance of production lines and components like capping or labelling machines. perma FLEX and perma FUTURA are the preferred automatic lubrication systems. Both systems have a plastic housing which makes them ideal for use in hygienically clean areas. Krones uses lubricants from the standard perma lubricant range as well as special lubricants for food and beverage applications.