Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH

AERZEN has been manufacturing high-performance machinery for industrial companies since 1864. It has evolved from a small manufacturing company into a global player, supplying reliable and energy-efficient high-performance blowers and screw compressors to its customers worldwide.

In order to pave the path for growth and development of its products and applications in future, AERZEN places great emphasis on quality, which is reflected in the extraordinary reliability of its products, services and processes. Moreover, AERZEN stands for energy-efficient and resource-saving products and production processes, which is also conveyed in its slogan, ‘Expect Performance’.

When it comes to maintenance, AERZEN relies on quality products, such as perma lubrication systems. For the lubrication of electric motors of blowers and compressors, for example, the perma STAR VARIO is used - a precision lubrication system that operates fully automatically, independent of temperature and counter pressure. Due to precise lubricant metering, the self-sufficient lubrication system is ideal for the lubrication of electric motors with specified lubricant quantities. perma STAR CONTROL is used if lubricant discharge is based on operating hours. In IMPULSE mode, a precisely defined quantity is dispensed as soon as voltage is supplied. The operating status can be transmitted to a PLC for evaluation. AERZEN uses different lubricants tailored to each individual application.