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perma VIDEOS

Euerdorf. For years perma-tec is offering innovative single-point lubrication solutions for applications like conveyors, electric motors, pumps and fans / blowers.

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NEW: perma Catalogue – from the Expert in Automatic Lubrication

Euerdorf. “User friendly” - this is what our customers asked for and so it was the main objective for the new perma catalogue. The new catalogue focuses on applications like conveyors, electric motors, pumps, fans and blowers. Readers will be able to quickly find the most suitable lubrication system by looking up a specific application.

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perma MLP: Keeping track of lubrication - free software from perma-tec

Euerdorf. Industries all over the world have one common goal: No production downtime. Preventive maintenance is the key to keep machines running and to guarantee maximum productivity without lowering product quality. One of the main preventive maintenance tasks is lubrication. In order to keep track of all lubrication points, perma-tec developed a new software called perma MLP (Maintenance Lubrication Program).

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