perma CONNECT APP - The comfortable solution for operating your lubrication systems

The perma CONNECT APP ensures comfortable monitoring and operation of all perma Bluetooth® lubrication systems via mobile devices.

Maintenance work becomes safer because perma lubrication systems in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas can easily and reliably be monitored from a distance. Changing the discharge period or triggering additional discharges (PURGE) is possible at any time during operation. The APP reports error messages, such as overpressure, an empty LC, or a deviating temperature range. Depending on the equipment requirements, you can use the perma CONNECT APP to switch perma lubrication systems on and off on your mobile device, localize lubrication systems via a signal, or even display the lubricator history.

For optimal use of the perma CONNECT APP, a perma MLP user account is required. The perma CONNECT APP ensures clear management and easy maintenance of all lubrication points that are equipped with Bluetooth® lubrication systems. In connection with the perma MLP web application, all details about your lubrication points are conveniently also available at your workplace.

Benefit from the perma CONNECT APP – the comfortable support for safe, intelligent and future-oriented maintenance.

The perma CONNECT APP is available on Google Play Store and App Store.