Preparation of lubrication point

Grease gun

Art. No.: 101455

Hose with rotary joint, slide and hydraulic coupling for grease gun

Art. No.: 110199

Oil gun

Art. No.: 109009

Accessory set for pressure test

Art. No.: 101480

>> Lubrication systems must be ordered separately

Purge connection with manual valve G1/4 female

Art. No.: 109684

Prefill adapter G1/4 male

Art. No.: 109003

Hose prefill adapter for Heavy Duty hose

Art. No.: 107633

Tube prefill adapter for VA-flex tubes

Art. No.: 107634

Tube prefill adapter for tube oØ 8 mm

Art. No.: 101526

Tube prefill adapter for tube oØ 6 mm

Art. No.: 101532

50 ml Bottle Loctite® 243™ thread sealant (medium strength)

Art. No.: 110278