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03/13/2007 - perma MINI

perma MINI is a small single-point lubrication system. It has all the advantages of fully automatic lubrication and can be installed in any position wherever lubrication is required e.g. on bearings, pumps, compressors, transport equipment etc.

perma MINI provides lubrication points with reliable, clean and precise lubrication.
This permanent lubrication not only ensures trouble-free operation, it also reduces the
risk of accidents drastically. Since maintenance intervals can be planned it also saves

perma MINI contains 20cc of our multi-purpose grease SF01 and will supply lubricant to your lubrication point for one month.
If you are satisfied with the lubrication result of perma MINI, you may continue lubricating your lubrication points with any of our other automatic lubrication systems.

Go to MINI@perma-tec.com and order your free sample now!
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